Carpe Diem Recruitment values a personal approach. We therefore visit the client to gain proper insight into the organisation and the associated culture. During the visit, the vacancies and its requirements can be extensively discussed.

Next, a selection is made from candidates who meet the requisite training and experience requirement and who, just as important, properly fit the corporate culture. The client decides whether and which candidates are invited for an interview. Carpe Diem Recruitment maintains close contact with the client and the candidate during the interview process.

The candidates are selected after an extensive intake procedure. Education and any professional experience are of course taken into account. Carpe Diem Recruitment is also committed to personality, ambitions and motivation of the candidate. The founder and consultant of Carpe Diem Recruitment is Ariane des Tombe. She has extensive experience, both in recruitment and in various other positions within the pharmaceutical industry. This enables her to assess the skills and competencies of candidates. Partly thanks to a personal approach, she seeks "tailored solutions" and a "perfect match” between the client and the candidate.


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